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Hybrid Session In-Room Setup

General Instructions:

  • For hybrid sessions only, a laptop will be provided in the meeting room along with projector/screen package, podium mic, and external camera. The podium laptop display will be sent out over Zoom and also projected onto the screen in the room. A small remote camera will be placed in the front of the room to capture the podium area for streaming out.
  • Podium laptop should be logged into conference platform when you arrive. If not, login using credentials that will be provided in the meeting room at the head table. 
  • Before the meeting starts, in-person presenters should bring slides on a thumb drive and load them on the laptop at the podium. Please label your presentation with something distinctive like your last name. "WEAI presentation" is of less value on the shared laptop than it might be on your own computer. People have lots of Zoom practice by now, but feel free to practice sharing the screen and testing your slides early.
  • Session recording is optional. Discuss with participants whether or not to record the session.
  • After presentations are loaded onto the podium laptop, search for your session on the conference platform and click “START MEETING” button to launch Zoom meeting. Select Join as Cohost when prompted.
  • When the session begins, start recording if participants have agreed to doing so.
  • The organizer and/or chair welcomes everyone to the session and presentations begin!
  • Presenters should ready their slides and click to Share Screen in Zoom.
  • At the conclusion of each presentation, turn off Screen Share to allow participation and screen sharing by virtual participants.
  • It's good to have someone comfortable using Zoom to help run the session while chair keeps track of time.
  • Hybrid sessions MUST end on time and lingering discussion needs to move to the foyer so that the next session can get themselves set up and ready to start on time.

Remote presenters: Presenting remotely will be the same as any other Zoom meeting. Your presentation will be seen on Zoom and on the screen in the meeting room. If you don't already have one, you will need a Zoom login to participate in the sessions -- get a free Zoom account at http://zoom.us/signup.

In-person presenters: Presenting in person will also be like presenting at a Zoom meeting but with a live audience. Please stay at the podium near the microphone during your presentation and while you are fielding questions so that you can easily be heard by participants both in-person and remote.