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Presenter FAQs

Please read in its entirety the Session Instructions and Information for Program Participants


How do I upload my paper to the conference platform?

To upload your complete paper and slides:

  1. Log in by clicking MY ACCOUNT on the menu above.
  2. Click MY ACCOUNT > ALL
  3. Select View on submission in round “Accepted Papers for Program Placement”
  4. Edit title, abstract, topic area codes, keywords as needed
  5. If changes are needed on author information, email sessions@weai.org
  6. Select section for Final Paper & Handouts and proceed with linking to or uploading your paper, slides, etc.


How long do I have to present?

Session time allocations (based on four papers): 105 minutes total. 15 minutes per paper presentation plus 5 minutes for the paper’s primary discussant, then time for all other participants’ discussion. Coordinate with your session chair as they may alter time allocations if appropriate.


What time zone will the event be in?

All sessions are scheduled in the Pacific Daylight Timezone. To adjust the display to a different time zone, click the CHANGE link where it says "Times are displayed in Pacific Daylight Time Change." (Be careful, as you might have to refresh your browser to make the new times kick in if they don't change automatically.)


When will I receive my log in for the event?

You will use your normal WEAI log in that you used when you registered for the conference. If you need assistance retrieving your password, please email help@weai.org.


For virtual session presenters:

How do I join a session as speaker / host?

As a session participant, you have the ability to launch the Zoom meeting for your session when you click Join Session. We have stored your email within our system as a speaker or special participating staff (moderators, etc) and you will be allowed access to the session before attendees and given host and co-host permissions within Zoom. Select Join as Cohost when asked.


Will I have time to prepare before the session starts?

You can leave your mic and camera off while you get yourself set up. Once you launch the Zoom session, it will be open and available for attendees and other presenters to join.


Will sessions be recorded for future viewing?

If all session participants agree to having the session recorded, initiate recording when the session starts. A link to the session recording will remain available on the conference platform for registrants who may have missed the session to view on their own schedule.


Do I need to present my own slides or can conference staff help with this?

All presenters are responsible for sharing their own slides.


Do I need to have a fast internet connection to be a speaker?

We suggest having access to high-speed internet on the day of the event in order to ensure a clear picture, and no delays for attendees. We consider high speed internet to be 25 Mbps or higher. You can read more about Zoom’s base requirements here. 


Do I need to have a Zoom Account to participate?

Yes. You can access all features with a free or paid Zoom Account. Get a free Zoom account at http://zoom.us/signup.


Should I practice my presentation beforehand?

Absolutely! Practice makes perfect so we always suggest logging into our conference platform before the event to make sure you can get in ok. We also suggest using zoom in your free time to get comfortable with the program and record yourself presenting a few times.


What if I have an emergency and cannot present any more?

Email your fellow session participants and help@weai.org right away.


Is it possible for me to “favorite” the sessions I’m participating in for quick access?

Yup! You’ll notice next to the title of each session a star icon. Click the star and the conference platform will automatically create a Favorites list for you and showcase them in a separate tab.


Can I share my registration details with colleagues?

No, only one person per registration can participate at a time.


How do I get more help if I have questions not listed here?

Email help@weai.org if you are participating remotely. If you are in-person at the conference, there are roaming AV techs available to help.


Our support staff is happy to help you with whatever you need!