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97th Annual Conference | June 29-July 3, 2022, in Portland, Oregon

We are excited to return this year to our in-person format for the Annual Conference.  Returning to the place where it all began 100 years ago provides a perfect opportunity to celebrate!  Based on the challenges of the past two years, we are able to provide participants with multiple ways to engage and share their research through hybrid, virtual and in-person sessions.  As you view the program and plan your schedule for participation, we hope you will benefit from each of the options.  Please reach out to let us know what you think of the various opportunities for engagement.  We look forward to reconnecting with those who are coming to Portland and believe everyone will have a positive experience regardless of the format!  

Wade Martin, Ph.D., WEAI Executive Director

We welcome you to browse the sessions!

Sort, filter, and search your way through the more than 280 sessions and close to 800 papers so far (with more being added every day). Once logged in, you can mark your favorite sessions by clicking the yellow star just to the left of the session titles. Those will be saved for you on your My Favorites / My Agenda tab, so they're easy to find each time you visit. 

Program Participants

Please review the Session Instructions and Information for Program Participants in its entirety. If you have any questions not addressed therein, please email sessions@weai.org. The following are the highlights and FAQs:

Presenters, mark your calendars to upload your complete papers by June 1 to give your fellow session participants adequate time to prepare a fruitful discussion of your research. On the menu bar above, click MY ACCOUNT > ALL where you can access your submission(s) in the round "Accepted Papers for Program Placement," and update your title and/or abstract, upload your final drafts/slides, etc. If you need to update your paper's author information, please email changes to sessions@weai.org.

Session time allocations (based on four papers): 105 minutes total. 15 minutes per paper presentation plus 5 minutes for the paper’s primary discussant, then time for all other participants’ discussion. The session chair may alter time allocations if appropriate.

If your session has discussants, they are assigned first paper to first discussant, second paper to second discussant, etc. However all session participants are expected to be familiar with all the papers in the session and to contribute to the discussion.

Email addresses for participants are not posted on the online program for privacy reasons. Session organizers will facilitate the discussion amongst their participants. WEAI will coordinate communications for volunteer session participants in mid-May.

Additional information will be provided for virtual and hybrid session participants in the coming weeks.

Session Organizers

If you see that there are papers missing from your session(s), please follow up with the presenters and urge them to register and submit their abstracts right away. We will be updating sessions and placing papers continuously going forward, so what you see here on the program is everything received to date.


Housing, Registration, Special Activities, etc.

For more information, visit the conference website for the latest details on registration, housing, and special activities. If you'll be in town the evening of July 2, plan to join us for a private tour and reception at the famous Pittock Mansion overlooking the city with panoramic views of Portland, the Willamette River, and the distant Cascade Mountains. Tickets are now available! If you've already registered:

  1. Login to your WEAI profile
  2. Click Details on your 2022 conference registration purchase
  3. Click the blue Add Guest/Session+ button on the right sidebar under Order Details
  4. Guest registration is not required for purchasing more than one ticket, but you will be offered the opportunity to register a guest for the conference if you so choose. Click Next to bypass the optional guest and membership dues screens.

COVID Protocols

Safety is our first priority when convening a WEAI conference. Our expectation is that all participants attending the conference in-person will be vaccinated. As of March 12, the Oregon statewide mask mandate has been lifted. However, masks are still required in health care settings and on public transportation, such as buses, trains and in airports and on airplanes. Some businesses may continue to require masks and/or proof of vaccination or negative COVID test. Check with individual businesses before visiting and carry a mask with you just in case.

Conference Dates to Remember

  • May 15: Early-Bird Registration discount ends.
  • May 15: Last day for program changes to appear in the printed program.
  • June 1: Last day to reserve special activity tickets.
  • June 1: Presenters upload full papers and slides to the conference platform for sharing with discussants.
  • June 29 to July 3: Conference in Portland.
  • December 31:  Deadline for WEAI members to submit revised conference papers free of charge to Economic Inquiry or Contemporary Economic Policy for possible publication.